All carts have been sold (I only have 1 set(2k3 and 88) and
2 laserman '88 carts left. instead of doing a second run or trying to sell
the last reamining ones(which will most like be used for prize at VGS'13)
I will have the rom of the the cart version of'88 available to use only either on harmony cart or have Atari age make a cart for you*
Laserman'2k3 is available on atari age here (for the rom of the cart version of '88
E-mail me and I will e-mail it to you.
*if you have Al make a cart for you (either laserman'88 or 2k3) you can only use the labels and instructions for the game (Al might have them) you are not restricted to play the game on emulators but I do perfer you to play them on actual system
(I also have instructions and labels as well)
see game descriptions bellow (I might be doinga box desgign constest for the games in 2013(I will let people know)

Laserman 2k3 a hack of Keysonte Kapers for the 2600, where you as Laserman have to chase and catch your arch enemy Dr.X before he escapes his lab while avoiding obstacles like missiles, robots and bombs.

This game debuted in 2004 at VGS'04 on emulator then in' 05 in cart form
in a tournament won by Steven Lucas and again in '09 with it's sequel won by Todd Freidman

(Steven Lucas won both Laserman 2k3 and Laserman'88
at VGS'10 at the Laserman challenge Tournament)

Laserman'88 is a 2600 game I did by scratch using Atari Basic complier, which compliers a basic program into a 2600 binary file, and
it's based on my first game I did for the ti-99/4a also by the same name.
This game unlike the predecessor takes place in the past (on the ti version it's 1988) to fight off aliens from the future. (They come to the past because our technology isn't as advance as it is the future where they have been defeated).

We have learned that their base in the Bermuda Triangle.
Now here's the catch, they are clocked so you can't see them, but you can see their bombs drop, your objective is to shoot down the bombs.

The game debuted with only one level in cart form at VGS'09.
The version at this years show will have all 5 levels plus a bonus level for beating the 5th level. (the bin version of this game (is posted on Atari age) only has the 5 levels.