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News for 2013:

Stickam.com has went under on Feb 1st of this year
This also means that DateLine AVC is also done
and any videos that was saved on stickam is also gone.
First round of the 2013 Harmony Games has begun, for more
details see the Harmony Games page on this site

Special Edition of The Atari Zone has been put on hold for while
Still looking for writers for The Atari Gamer Zine e-mail me Gamer writers

2012 news: Still working on the special edition of The Atari Zone (Have to work on getting stuff striaghtned out) 

Watch for news on VGS coming next month.
AVC Online will also be doing articles for RetroGaming Monthly Times
(we also offered to write for Retrocade but after the stuff happned between us  and them about VGS, we declined the offfer)

also RTM will get my articles first before the go into The Atari Gamer
(we are still looking for writers,I wil make it more public when we do webcast next month(Dateline atari will be off for while we go back to ustream version until we work out the bugs)

Sorry for the lateness of this news:
I will be at CGE in August after I return I will work
on a Special Edition of The Atari Zone fanzine(in e-zine  version)
Also I am currently looking for writers for The Atari Gamer E-zine
I'm working on releasing soon(Reviews and artcles must be Atari related(event reports are also welcome)

Other news: VGS 2k12 was a big success and we are currently working on next years shows.(I will have report on the show after I get back from CGE on AVC ustream page)

Video Game summit is this Saturday hope to see you there
Also be sure you go vote for this years program cover we have two great entries you can see them HERE winner will be annoounced on AVC News on July 14th Live at 7pm

 The nolan chat is currently being replayed on stickam(you can hear nolan in back ground when he answered questions.)
if you noticed the web banner here and above feel free to go to the gameday sit and watch the record making streams to help support the IVGOF&M so  The Big Bang can can continue.

I don't have any idea when our next nolan chat will be(we're hoping for VGS,if not I will let you know) other video conferences will most likely be with out a guest (unless I get somebody else)

The ustream feed will go up soon for AVC news updates.

Dateline AVC returns after 3 month hiatus with Nolan Bushnell returning as our inaugural guest for new show.
May 29th 3pm CT till 7pm CT.
For full Details visit the Dateline AVC Press Release page

Dateline AVC Premier episode didn't happen when I haven't heard
back from Nolan Bushnell. The good news is that AVC Online will be at Midwest Gaming Classic and we will once again running the Jagfest section with help of fellow Jaguar sector-II members: Clayton G, Adolobe and Jason"AstroPuff" Noble,with support from Dan Loosen,J.D Norman and Marty Gorlderg.

I will once again have limited supplies of Jagfest on tour shirts and  tour shirts plus exclusively for this show SE Jagfest Tour Mini Posters.

Also AVC Online is also sponsoring the Retro Classic Series Tournament for the Space invaders Team competition.
We will be donating a copy of the Laserman 2600 games to the winner plus a 2600 and ten games.

We are also donating a 25.00 E-cert to AVC News stand for Jagfest tournament.

While AVC_Live is no more,we will be showing Paul Zimmerman's Record attempt on our main page, and we are hoping to have our DateLine Atari do a special show as well on saturday.

The Final Normal AVC_Live Broadcast is Jan 9th,after that
we will move the broadcast to replace  the ticker on the main page.
DateLine AVC will debute on Feb 13th(a week after the superbowl, I'll announce who ouur inagurgal guest will be on the final broadcast of AVC_Live.
In other news: VGS 2k11 has been announced for July 16th,2011 same location as before besure to visit the VGS Website for more deatils.
The store wide sale has been extended till end of the month at our cafepress shop.

We are still figuring out the date for the final AVC_live broardcast
as well as the date for Datline AVC broadcast for 2011.
when everything is settled we will let you know.

The 2k10 VGS Program and Poster is now up at The News Stand @ Cafepress.com (the Store wide sale has returned now with own section) Also for limited time the Special Edition version of the 2k10 poster is now up in the VGS section)

The last AVC_Live normal show won't be until end of the year.
AVC_live will be replacing the tickers you seen on the site next year
Dateline (AVC) will be moved here using stickam.com next year(no idea on our first guest but I'm still trying for Nolan Bushnell)

AVC Live will be on hiatus for the rest of the year.
We will try to restart a Dateline Atari (or AVC if we can't get the Atari name to use) RTC at Srickam.com
more details will be discussed when I get the details from Nolan Bushnell and myself.

Next Show is June 6th at 7pm CT(moved up an hour due to hawks game in the Stanley cup finals) Second special show is slated for June 13th(no special guest as of yet))

if you missed the Nolan show: you can still catch the replays on Ustream or you can go here to d/l the offline rar files (make sure you down load all of them before unraring them)

Game Cafe has been been cancled for future video casts.
how ever be sure to watch for my tweets I will send out a question and and will pick a person at random to answer and you maybe chosen to answer another question live (either in chat or on Skype)

Ran into some tech problems with this show
the upcoming show will mostly talk about Midwest gaming classic some VGS news and Game Cafe quiz.

We will be streaming live at Midwest Gaming Classic go the AVC Round table page or Stickam.com/danavc to participate in the round table Video chat (Stickam account is required to be in video chat)
Show will also be simulcast in ustream.tv as well.

AVC Online will once again be at Midwest Gaming Classic on March 27th and 28th and we will also be working the Jagfest Section.
I will have some help from fellow atariage/jag sector member Astropuff who will be suppling two jaguars and tvs and games.

Also we will once again be doing a video cast from there.
As well as a limited supply of AVC Online, Jagfest on tour shirts and
the new Jagfest tour Shirts with the new designed fronts to match the new covers of the Jagfest issues (which will also be on display only).

We ran into tech problems with the video cast so we will try again
on the 21st.

As you can see that the Feb. Video cast is going be on
Feb. 14th instead of the third, this because the 3rd is Superbowl Sunday. and We are also going to have tweet contest for admission to the 2010 Video Game Summit (plus an advertisement for an upcoming jaguar game)

Tables are still available for VGS'10 so be sure to book them before they go.
The Jagfest book is still being delayed but you can still be on the waiting list (the laserman waiting list is also still active )

Happy belated New Year/Decade.
I have four new news items to let you in on:
  1. the 2010 Video Game Summit has been announced for July
    17th,2010 same location as previous shows for more information click here
  2. as you can tell the Video cast format has been changed a bit
    as we are now featuring two games of the month one for AVC Online and for the Jaguar High Score Club on Atari Age.com
  3. The Second Annual Video Game Summit Program cover Design contest has been announced click here for more information
  4. and finally the official cart release of Laserman'88 (as well as Laserman 2k3) is slated for VGS'10 click here for more details on how to be on the waiting list

Jagfest tour shirt now available to the public
at our cafepress shop in the jagfest section.
The book is slated for a 2010 Release.

Laserman'88 was released in bin form yesterday on atariage.com
On the November video cast we will announce a new high score contest for the game. click here for some details on the the game itself.
Congratulations to Vi-master for winning the Jagfest issue cover design contest with issues # and #2 now available in the news stand(issues #1 to 6 are all priced for 6.00 each until the anniversary book is done, then they will be priced regularly)

Jaguar festival 10th anniversary issue waiting list announced
Click here for more details

first of all, AVC Online congratulates Paul Zimmerman on beating the 2600 Phoenix record with a score of 4,014,440 at VGS'09
where for second year in a row that History was made(in '08
Todd Rogers achieved the first record for Classic Gorf on the Jaguar,which was beaten by Ken Williams)
VGS went well, some minor tournament glitches but over all went well. planning for '10 will be staring around November.
In other news, small poster version of the normal posters will be added to the news stand in Sept.

I'm also on face book and have started a VGS Group there(will add a link to the menu after VGS)

Game of the month contest has been postponed for now
added a twitter feed so you see updates on my squidoo pages as well well when I do start my video casts(plus other news stuff)

For Details on the Game of the month Contest click Here

issues #1 and #2 of Jagfest issue Design contest has been restarted
Click here for more details.

In other News: Well we had only one entry to VGS Program cover contest
that was Paul Zimmerman, he will be getting two versions
of the program from cafepress.com one with the modified version that I did based on his cover and one that he did originally.

We had no entries for the flip Camcorder contests so I will be doing those as well.

Be sure to check out Retro gaming times monthly issue for June
on how you can win a table or Free admission to the show.
(The table contest has been won by Mike Pham and Derek Slaton)

Speaking of Retro: I have signed up to be a writer for the new Classic Video Gamer Magazine: http://www.classicvgm.com
I will be submitting my past In depth reviews from past Atari Zone issues along with some reports from shows I was at as well as some original articles,in the future I will be submitting some new reviews as well when I use up all my reviews from the past.

Be sure to watch this month's Video Cast of AVC_live for some news
about the Fanzine and other club news.

This just in:Vi-Master(Josh Barneck) has won the Jagfest cover design contest issue #7. since we are currently working on it
it isn't available for sale yet. but you can see the cover by clicking here!!
The design contest is taking a month off so we can work more on the #7. #1 and #2 will restart in June.

In other news: We have started a part time staffers program
for VGS, see the VGS site for more details. Plus watch for news next month about RetroGaming Times Monthly contest to win either 2 tables or free online admission to the Video game summit(they are first new sponsor)

This just in:Vi-Master(Josh Barneck) has won the Jagfest cover design contest issue #6(you can see the winning cover at the Jagfest section of the news stand at cafepress.com).
(Josh won three in row,but he did have competition this time,
he won by a vote (4 to 3))

In other news: We are currently looking more people to help us at VGS if interested please e-mail me. Also We pleased to announce that the 2600 challenge for VGS has been announced as well as Paul "Zimmzamm" Zimmerman will be going to try beat his 2 previous scores and try for 3 million on phoenix at the show.

We didn't sell any shirts but we did talk to couple people who are interested in buying stuff from the news stand and in attending VGS.
AVC Online shirts and Jagfest shirts will be available at VGS in July.

Work on the tenth anniversary issue of Atari Jaguar Festival issues will start this week(I will post updates on AVC_Live and on this page as well)

This just in: Vi-Master(Josh Barneck) has won the Jagfest cover design contest issue #5(you can see the winning cover at the Jagfest section of the news stand at cafepress.com.)
that's twice in a row for Vi-master, will somebody else meet his challenge

This just in: Vi-Master(Josh Barneck) has won the Jagfest cover design contest issue #4(you can see the winning cover at the Jagfest section of the news stand at cafepress.com.)

We have news concerning our voice mail #,
I am signed up with 2 companies:Grand Central and Icall.

The Grand Central number is strictly voice mail and can be used anytime by clicking the call me button above (if you want call the number directly it's 708-688-4561(this is a local for IL,otherwise long distance charges will apply unless your have voip service like vonage or the like,the call me button will call you for free to connect to the
grand central number)

the Icall number is to be used strictly for live call in to the show.
unlike Grand Central Icall has local access numbers to call(see link above) they also have voicemail but I don't use it as much.as mentioned after you connect to icall number you put in the extension # listed above.

(when I have a guest on the show, I will mention how to contact the show in that case(if it's live or recorded interview))

in other news: Congrats to Jacob Davis on winning the Jagfest issue #3 cover design contest (you can see the winning cover at the Jagfest section of the news stand at cafepress.com

AVC Online US Tour news:
Besides our own show Video Game Summit, We will be having a small table at The upcoming Midwest Gaming Classic. There we will be selling Jagfest on tour T-shirts and AVC Online T-shirts as well as
doing a remote broadcast from the show for AVC_ Live.
(unfortunately, I have heard that CGE has been canceled for this year so the tour will end at at VGS,unless we can get some club retrospectives to do a report from other shows)

Other show news:
AVC Online will once again be supporting CCAG in Ohio by donating a 25.00 gift card to our news stand for a prize. We are also donating a 50.00 gift card to the Portland Gaming Expo.

we are currently working with MGC to donate a gift card as well.

Welcome to our new improved site.
We are working on brings some videos from the ustream video
shows to the Video room at you tube.
Due to some problems I had to cancel our Dec 7th video cast.