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Video Game Summit Status

This page will be updated regularly with the show status:

It’s official we are heading back to the Odeum on July 29th,2017 from 10am to 7pm vendors on waiting list have been notified for  getting the tables. waiting remains open until Jan 1st then we open registration(we will have option to be put on vendors/sponsors list though)
few changes to this year vendor prices are higher ue the cost of room gone up also due to fact last we had a lot of people at show before we opened, we starting VIP admission,this gets you early admission (9am instead 10am) and copy of magcloud color program you pick up at the show. we will still have rgular admission at 10.00 but we will no longer have print copies of the program starting next year its officially digital  to those who  register online or pay at the show. the digital program will be free to those on regular admission until it gets announced then you have choice to purchase digital or  color print online from magcloud. everything will be announced on Jan 1st.

Side note: we started a new restricted yahoo group that replaces our old waiting list for vendors. you can use the form on website to join.  be sure that you confirm you e-mail with the yahoo group after you join. *All vendors must be signed up to our new list prior Jan 1st to get news on the show before it goes public*

2016 show was a huge success, Odeum staff was very nice to us, based on the success of this year all signs point to VGS return to the Odeum in 2017,due to festival being planned the same week of the show we look into a new date that would give us the run of the venue. the 2017 Waiting list for vendors and or sponsors from this year starts on August 1st.  (Attendees be sure to sign up for the yahoo group by clicking on the Yahoo icon on the main page(vendors and/or sponsors can also join if they wish,its general mailing list/group not to be confused with vendor mailing list)

Our new Facebook page is up: https://facebook.com/VideoGameSummit