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Till VGS 17

The Video Game Summit has found a new home at The Odeum Expo Center in Villa Park,IL July 29th,2017 from 10am to 7pm

Passing Zone,LLC Returns to Vend at VGS’17

Passing Zone is a 7 on 7 football helmet board game. Be a player/coach by using pass action cards, dice and helmets to move up and down the field to score touchdowns. The team with the most touchdown tickets wins the game (1 minimum-6 maximum)

You can see them at booth 22

Chris Nelson Returns to Vend at VGS’17

VGS welcomes back Chris Nelson as a vendor!

Chris Nelson will be selling imports and domestic retro games, systems, and related toys and figures.
Just got back from another Japan trip and ready to share my latest finds.
Grab a pixel Super Mario Pepsi cap while they last, find a Super Famicom cart to play on your Retron, or dig through drawers of Atari carts for that one you’re missing.. Stop by his booth #11

VGS Welcome Brian F. Colin as our guest

Stop by the our Gaming area and see Brian Colin,Designer of the following Games Rampage, Xenophobe, Major Chaos as well as many more,he will be signing autographs and selling various merchandise.

Fox Valley Retro to vend at VGS 17

Fox Valley Retro will be seling retro gaming equipment and games.
Also included ps vita. Carry tons of imports.

Kevin O’Neill to Vend at VGS’17

Kevin who is new vendor will be Selling all remaining games/systems before moving to Australia. Mainly Nintendo

you can find them at booth 3

Paul Zimmerman to vend at VGS’17

Paul will be showing the following the flashback systems for freeplay:  Colecovision, Atari Flashback 2 and portable. As well as showing 3 new video game trading cards from walter day along with other gaming memorabilia.
He will also be holding a Combat tournament  on the flashback 2 using game selection #5.
Stop by his booth #20

Turbo Fest 2017 Announced

The Video Game Summit staff is proud to announce the Return of The NEC Turbo-Fest Challenge,now in it’s 7th year is being ran by Armando Rodriguez.

The Turbo-Fest Section is located in Room C (exact location To  Be announced soon)
and will featuring
two returning tournaments: Battle Lode Runner and BomberMan’94
with same rules as before. New game for this year is  Darius Plus which is a SHMUP game.
for more details on Turbo-Fest visit the Turbo-Fest page

Jason Knigge Returns to Vend at VGS’17

Jason Kmigge  returns to vend at VGS’17:

If your looking for Atari 2600 to Playstation  (and everything in between)
, as well as Activision patches and perler bead characters
. with close to 500
games to sell Jason will have what your looking for.
Be sure to stop by Jason’s Booth #31