About Us

AVC Online started out as local club in IL back in 1988 known as the Atari Traders Association(because we  exchanged games) and later known as Atari Team Association, We officially changed it to Atari Video Club in 1992.

We went national with the ATA Newsletter which was the original name of the fanzine in 1990 with an small ad in The A Exchange with 30 members and turn over for every 1 we lost we gain 2.

The first newsletter was know as ATA Newsletter which was a one pager for the local club only which came out on May 1989.  After few months we later changed it to The Atari Zone and it was Monthly then switched to bimonthly fanzine. The first official Atari Zone Fanzine debuted on October 1998 and the last issue was February 28th,2007. We are planning a relaunch soon under the name of Atari Gamer.

Our Online presence started on Prodigy Online service up till they changed their pricing plan and we moved to GEnie Online service, after a while we moved to net with our website on Angelfire and Geocities(we had a framed page on Geocitites). We dropped the frames site and kept Angelfire up till July 2002 when we moved to Atari-users.net(where we are now)

Atari Jaguar Festival(JagFest) was huge portion of the club as for each show we dedicated one issue for event that celebrates Atari Jaguar and other Atari Systems from 1997 to 2002 when it was stand alone show.

In 2003,  the event went on tour piggy backing on shows like Midwest Gaming Classic,Video Game Summit and CGE. In 2004, we released the 7th and final Jagfest issue which recapped every Jagfest including over seas. (in 2007 we were working on re-releasing the final issue covering every Jagfest from 1997 to 2007,but that has been pushed back, we are still working on it). We are still doing Jagfest section at MGC and VGS,when possible.

In 2003,we started holding our own show, Video Game Summit, it started small and grew to big show.
Plans for our next show is still being worked on,plus we working on a stand own Atari event just for gaming.

We currently run 5 yahoo groups:(each are listed in the menu on the left)

  1. AVCIL  a group for Atari Users in IL and surrounding states,
  2. AVC News an  announcement group for club news,
  3. Jaguar Community United (originally started by Marshall
    Carter,and then we merged both clubs) An Atari group which
    also used as main event calendar
    for chats and events,
  4. Atari Jaguar Festival a group for those who which to help
    out or run their own Jaguar festival
  5. VideoGameSummit a group for those interested in our show.

Our future plans include:

  1. to bring more awareness to chats and planning to add more
  2. relaunch our fanzine
  3. Start own game develop team for the 2600
    (with future plans to include 7800 and Jaguar)
  4. bring awareness to Jagfest not just in the US but overseas
    (we will be launching the Atari Jaguar Festival Facebook page
    a week after the official launch day of this site)