Atari Jaguar Festival (Jagfest)

The purpose of this page is to bring more awareness to the Atari Jagfest not just in the US but over seas.

 The Atari Jaguar Festival (or Atari Jagfest as its more commonly known) started back on July 19,1997 at the Ramada Inn in Rosemont,IL and it was a stand alone event uptill 2003, when it  piggy backed on shows like Classic Gaming Expo, Midwest Classic (now Midwest Gaming Classic) and Video Game Summit.

in 2000 Jagfest went overseas as well stopping at the Netherlands.
The following image is the back of the  Jagfest tour shirt with dates and locations from 1997 til 2007 as this shirt was made specifically for its tenth anniversary:
Since then the US portion of the Jagfest made its home at Midwest Gaming Classic and Video Game Summit.
As for the Over Seas portion ejagfest is still going strong.
agfest already has its own website: and its own Facebook page:

Jagfest from 1997 from 2003 has it own site at the US tour pages from 1997 to 2002
are now linked on the side of this page year (opens new page)  ***the 2003 pages aren’t working though so can’t do links for them**
AVC Online is a proud supporter for the Atari Jagfest and now we show its support by Starting the all new Atari Jaguar Festival Facebook page which is used not just for US but overseas as well as taking over the  Yahoo group as well.

Sadly, since Cafepress discontinued the printing of books, all Jagfest issues of the Atari Zone is currently unavailable(these are issues 1 to 6 US only, issue #7 is still being worked on) we are currently working on moving them to magcloud where they be in color and in high def.(we will announce it on the Facebook page and on the yahoo group) Jagfest clothing items(shirts, hats etc) can be found on the Jagfest section of AVC News Stand. (we will have page for the Jagfest Merchandise for sale on the site in later date).

If you are interested in  helping out at a Jagfest or running your own please join the Yahoo group ( which can be done by sending an e-mail to or by clicking on the link mentioned above) or post on the Facebook page.
(hopefully we will add pages with reviews from Jagfest from the US stops added to site)