Atari I/O Build team

Welcome to Atari. IO build team Page for Atari 2600 programming.

The team consists of Myself(Dan Iacovelli) ,Leolinden,Rick R and ArenaFoot.

Our purpose is produce games for the 2600 which can be made to use on emulators or actual 2600 systems via an actual cart.

We will use the following the language to write games:
bBasic using VbBasic ide:
batari Basic on AtariAge
Vitual bB topic on AtariAge
Online manual to bBasic commands

our games can be found on our google drive which is mostly work in progress
when a finished game is done we mention it here.

Our main focus is the 2600,  as time progress we might branch off to 7800 programming using 7800Basic and/or Jagaur Programming using Raptor+

All Programming is done using compiler language instead of assembly,which compiles basic like language into a assembly language and   then converts in to bin file.